Joint Meeting
Charism and Spirituality Commission and Formation Commission
Focene, Italy - 10-11 April 2007

Present for the General Curia:
Carlo Cicconetti (vice General), Kevin Alban (Secretary General)
Present for the Formation Commission
John Keating (Hib.), Günter Benker (GerS), Simone Gamberoni (Ita.), William Wert (PCM), Dionysius Kosahi (Indo.), Conrad Mutizamhepo (Hib.-Zimb.), Romualdo Borges De Macedo (GerS. –Para.)
Present for the Charism Commission
John Russell (PCM), Gianfranco Tuveri (Gall.), Vitalis Wilderink (Flum.), Henricus Pidyarto (Indo.), Kees Waijman (Neer.)

April 10, 2007
1. The meeting began at 16.30, Carlo Cicconetti presiding.
2. The president outlined the programme for the joint meeting and for the separate sessions of the two commissions: the examination of proposals made to the General Chapter and the discussion of how best to integrate the new Community of St. Thérèse and St Albert into the Order. Both commissions should also prepare material to pass on to the new commissions for the period 2007-2013.
3. The participants reviewed the minutes of the joint meeting held in Rome in 2006. The following points were noted:
    The lack of a ratio studiorum is not the real issue in formation; the problem is ensuring that any Carmelite studies are done at all after the noviciate.
    The booklet on the Rule prepared by the Charism Commission has now been cancelled. It was observed that the letters written on the subject by Carlos Mesters did not express the General Council’s reservations in sufficiently strong terms. The designer in Holland had tried to make adjustments and these were incorporated into the new proofs. The participants felt that the Charism Commission had not been consulted on the problems by the General Council, who had decided to prepare another booklet.
    The following topics are missing from the Italian version of the spiritual directory project:
      - The Rule: Carlo Cicconetti is working on this
      - Elijah: Emanuele Boaga has been approached
      - The desert experience, vacare Deo and the founding charism are still to be assigned to authors. Several booklets are missing from the English version; the Spanish and Indonesian versions are proceeding.
    The participants asked if any meeting had been held about the internet proposals.

April 11, 2007
1. The Commissions met in joint session at 10.45 under the presidency of Carlo Cicconetti to comment on the proposals made to the General Chapter regarding the restructuring of the General Commissions on Formation, Culture and the Study of the Charism and Spirituality of the Order.
2. The following points were noted:
    The question of communications between the General Council, the General Commissions and other bodies, such as the Institutum is crucial.
    The Commissions should meet for longer and in joint sessions as well as separately in order to use the time available more efficiently. There must be an organisation which is responsible for follow-up and implementation.
    The General Chapter, or failing that, the General Council, must set clear goals and objectives for the commissions.
    More attention should be given to the implementation of plans at a regional level.
    The Charism Commission, the Institute and the Delegate for Culture should deal with issues of academic study and research.
    The Formation Commission should utilise the results of the research in organising various courses.
    Members of the Commissions might the Chair, with a single Councillor to co-ordinate their work.
    The leadership of the Commissions should empower others to act by appropriate delegation.
    A ‘secretariat for Commissions’ was badly needed to support the work of the General Council in implementing the plans and programmes of the Commissions.
    There should be a review of CISA as an international study centre, with emphasis on providing a good community experience.
    The Delegate for Culture needs a job description. His role should be to identify areas of the Order’s intellectual life which need development and find the human resources to do so.
3. The meeting noted that two sets of proposals had been submitted to the General Chapter on the subject of restructuring the Commissions: one set from a joint group composed of representatives of the Formation and Charism commissions with the president of the Carmelite Institute; a second set had been presented by the Commission on Culture. It was agreed that given the complexity of the proposals and their conflicting solutions, the best approach would be to support the Preparatory Commission’s alternative proposal that the new General Council must restructure the Commissions by March 2008, bearing in mind all the suggestions that have been made.
4. A number of key issues were identified:
    How to ensure provincials implemented decisions.
    How to achieve a balance between local autonomy and a sense of internationality.
    How to install a culture of leadership which is communicative and democratic in carrying out an agreed programme at all levels of the Order.



(NB: Para la versión completa de las notas ver la versión ingles).



(NB: Per la versione completa dei verbali vedi la versione inglese).


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