(Rome, General Curia House, 3 – 7 May 2004)

Present: Fr Josef Jancar, O.Carm. General Delegate for Carmelite Laity,
Fr. John Malley O.Carm., ex-Prior General
Fr. Giovanni Grosso O.Carm., Assistant Provincial T.O.C. for Italian Province
Mr. Alfio Parisi, T.O.C. Provincial President for Italian Province
Mr. Daniele Pieri, President of Secular Community “La Famiglia”
Mlle. Renée Prieur, Formation Director for “Travailleurs Missionaires”
Ms. Amanda Rodrigues Jordão, Representative for Carmelite Laity in Latin America
Mrs. Rose Mary Lancellotti, T.O.C. Regional Coordinator St Elias Province, USA
Mr. Jaime Lledó Patiño, Lay Carmelite Prior, Spain
Mrs Anita Renehan, Member of Australian Lay Carmelite National Council, National Formation Director, Secretary to General Commission for Carmelite Laity.


Fr Josef Jancar opened the meeting with a prayer and a minute’s silence, remembering Fr Redemptus Valabek and his contribution to this Commission and his work for Lay Carmelites.
A brief summary of the topics to be covered in this meeting followed.
Ritual: Fr Giovanni Grosso is creating a Ritual formula for this Commission to consider.
International Congress 2006: A priority for this meeting is to finalise dates, topics and speakers.
New Third Order Rule: Well received by Lay Carmelites. Offers a new perspective.
International Directory: Anita Renehan reported that few of the 35 provinces have responded. Some have indicated that the requested information is being compiled and others have made no response.

1. New Ritual

The Proper of the Ritual requires Vatican approval. Text must be submitted in Italian. Therefore the prayers need to be finalised first and the Introduction and format may be decided on later. Some new sub-commission members are required to work with Fr Josef Jancar and Fr Giovanni Grosso. Fr Evaldo Gomez will be invited to join the sub-commission.

1.1 The wording in the Ritual for Reception, Simple Profession and Perpetual Profession will be common to all provinces, that is, one book for all. Allowance will be made for each culture to translate the Ritual using words that are most meaningful to them. Different cultures may outwardly express the significance of each ceremony within their country and in their own communities.

1.2 Members of this Commission were given copies of Rituals used by several other Orders. A request will be made of each province to forward a copy of their Ritual to the International Secretariat, so that the sub-commission members may consider Rituals used for Lay Carmelite ceremonies.

1.3 A ceremony for the process of community council elections and the inauguration of elected councillors will be included in the Ritual.

1.4 Fr Giovanni Grosso will E-mail a rough draft to the Commission members to review and to share with other Lay Carmelites in their province for comments.

1.5 Renewal of Baptismal Promises to be included in Reception and Profession ceremonies.

1.6 In order to assess what the provinces want, Fr John Malley made the recommendation that a draft copy of the Ritual be sent to all provinces for Provincial Delegates and Lay Carmelite Community Councils to consider and comment. The sub-commission will then collate and study the returns and present the outcome to this Commission.

2 International Congress – Fatima September 2006

After Fr Josef Jancar contacted Casa “Beato Nuno” at Fatima, the dates for the Congress were brought forward and confirmed for 2 to 9 September 2006.

2.1 Discussion was invited on the purpose of holding an International Congress. It was generally thought that a Congress: (a) offers an experience of Carmelite family. (b) an opportunity to exchange ideas. (c) value in listening to the experiences of other Lay Carmelites living the Active/Contemplative life in Carmel

2.2 Participants would be invited to arrive on Saturday 2 September and the Congress will commence on the afternoon of Sunday 3 September and finish in the afternoon of Friday 8 September. Participants may choose to leave on the Saturday 9 September.

2.3 The members of this Commission will meet at Fatima on Saturday 9 September to review and evaluate the Congress.

2.4 Five talks will be given throughout the week and provision will be made for small group discussion following each talk. One person from each group to report back to the assembly.

2.5 Lay Carmelites from various provinces and cultures will be invited to briefly share their experience of living the Carmelite vocation. Two or three Lay Carmelites in formation to be invited to share their experience of what it is like for them to be in the process of Carmelite formation.

2.6 Program: Fr Josef Jancar will present the Introduction and open the Congress.
Monday: Talk 1. “The Values & Fundamentals of living the Carmelite Way” - John Malley
Experience of Formation I. – Selected speakers 3 x 15 min
Tuesday: Talk 2. “How to live the contemplative dimension in everyday life”
Experience of Formation II. – Selected speakers 3 x 15 min)
Wednesday: Excursion, Celebration
Thursday: Talk 3. “The Challenge of Communication”
Talk 4. “Service & Communication”
Friday: Talk 5. “Mary & Elijah – Two lives transformed”

2.7 Presentations: Speakers will be asked to submit copy of their talk before the Congress to allow time for translations. Speakers will be advised of the desired length of time for their talk in order to work out the timetable for the Congress.

2.8 Casa “Beato Nuno” Fatima: There are 135 rooms and 250 beds. Some rooms have 2-3 beds. Aim to have 200 participants.

2.9 Cost: The fee per night at Casa “Beato Nuno” is €40 for a shared room and €52 for a single room. This fee includes all meals. Other expenses to be taken into consideration before setting the fee for participants:
a) The cost of hiring equipment & cabins for translations.
b) Travelling and accommodation expenses for resource people e.g. speakers, translators, General Council members and Commission members
c) Travelling and accommodation expenses for representatives from Third World countries.
The total number of non-paying participants could be as many as 25.

2.10 Translators: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French translators will be required.

2.11 The members of this Commission will assist as Moderators.

2.12 Convocation letter: Fr Josef Jancar will write a letter of convocation to be sent as soon as possible and before the end of May. The letter will be mailed to Provincial Delegates for Lay Carmelites, and to as many Lay Carmelite Provincial Councils for which we have a contact name and address. This Commission intends to establish good communication world-wide between the Commission and Lay Carmelites.

2.13 The invitation will be extended to all Lay Carmelites. Hopefully, there will be good representation from Third World countries. If there is not sufficient room for all provinces to be represented, then some who have more than others attending may be asked to reduce their number of participants.

2.14 Replies: The letter of convocation will request that a response, indicating a level of interest, be returned to the Secretariat by 30 September 2004. Another letter will be sent to the provinces by 30 November 2004 outlining further details of the Congress.

2.15 Services: A letter to go to Casa “Beato Nuno” seeking information on the particular services offered there and which services will be the responsibility of this Commission.

3. Isidore Bakanja Bulletin

The newsletter for Carmelite Laity, “Isidore Bakanja” is included in each alternate issue of CITOC, that is twice a year. News items for the next edition of “Isidore Bakanja” Bulletin need to be submitted to the Secretariat by 1 July 2004.

3.1 Articles about various lay groups within the Order are welcome. Daniele Pieri will prepare a brief article about the life and work of “La Famiglia”. Rose Mary Lancellotti will prepare an article on a group she spoke about in Rochester USA who exercise very valuable ministries.

4. New Third Order Rule

Attention was drawn to a printing error - in the English version only - of the new Third Order Rule. On Page 64, No. 78: The first line is missing Those who live far from any community and cannot take part in (its life for specific reasons…..). The Australian Province printed the missing line on a separate piece of paper and inserted the amendment in each book before distributing to members.

4.1 A written commentary on the new Third Order Rule would be welcomed. Perhaps Lay Carmelites could be invited to contribute to the commentary by writing their comments and reflections on different aspects of the Rule.

5. International Secretariat

Secretary Anita Renehan is endeavouring to establish the International Secretariat. Her time in Rome is limited to three-monthly periods; otherwise it would be necessary to apply for a visa. Fr Giovanni Grosso suggested he invite a local Lay Carmelite to assist Anita and to help her with speaking Italian.

5.1 The primary purpose of the Secretariat is to assist the General Delegate for Carmelite Laity, Fr Josef Jancar, in his work for the laity and to improve communication between Lay Carmelites around the world and within the Order. The establishment of records at the Secretariat of every Lay Carmelite community in each province will provide a more accurate picture of the number of active Lay Carmelites in the world and where they are.

6. Youth in Carmel

In response to the General Council’s call for this Commission to look at ways that young people may be encouraged to develop an interest in Carmelite life, the Commission members discussed various ways that this is being done. 16-20yr olds attend Carmelite celebrations in Brazil. “La Famiglia” at Castellina has an unique situation. Whole families are involved and participate in many activities together, both liturgical and social. It is a way of life for the whole family from infants to adults.

In the United States of America, some teachers bring Carmelite spirituality and aspects of Carmelite prayer life and stories of Carmelite Saints into the Religious Education of children as young as thirteen.

6.1 Lay Carmelites could generate more interest in Carmelite life by inviting their families and friends to special events in their communities, such as ceremonies of Profession, Feast days and other celebrations.

6.2 It was suggested that a publicity brochure on Carmelite life could be prepared for distribution at the Congress. Participants could take it home as a means of evangelizing their own children and children in Religious Education classes, in the Carmelite way of life.

7. Minutes of previous meeting

The Minutes of the Commission meeting 19-23 May 2003 were approved with recommendation that full names be used in future in the Minutes and not just first names.

8. Meeting closed

at 18.00 on Wednesday 5 May, 2004

9. Next Meeting

The General Commission for Carmelite Laity will meet next year 2-6 May 2005 at the Curia House, Rome.



Los diez miembros de la Comisión estuvieron presentes en el Encuentro de la Comisión General para el Laicado Carmelita en la Casa Curia General, Roma, del 3-7 de mayo de 2004. El P. Josef Jancar abrió el encuentro con una oración y un minuto de silencio en recuerdo del P. Redemptus Valabek, O.Carm., y su contribución a la Comisión y su generoso trabajo con los Laicos Carmelitas durante muchos años. El anterior Prior General, P. John Malley, O.Carm., fue calurosamente recibido en la Comisión.

El plan de seis años para la Comisión fue revisado y se halló que lleva buen progreso. Están en marcha los preparativos para el Congreso Internacional para el Laicado Carmelita en la Casa Beato Nuño en Fátima, Portugal, del 2-9 de septiembre de 2006.

Se trató sobre la determinación de celebrar un Congreso Internacional y, en general, se pensó que un Congreso: (a) ofrece una experiencia de Familia Carmelita; (b) una oportunidad de un intercambio de ideas; (c) permite escuchar las experiencias de los otros Laicos Carmelitas que viven la vida activa/contemplativa en el Carmelo.

Continúa el trabajo sobre el nuevo Ritual para los Laicos Carmelitas y se espera que esté listo para el Congreso Internacional del 2006 en Fátima.

Está en proceso el establecimiento del Secretariado Internacional en la Curia General en Roma. Muchas provincias han dado respuesta a la petición de detalles de las comunidades Laicas Carmelitas y otros grupos asociados a la Orden. Se está estudiando y comparando esta información para un directorio internacional de los laicos Carmelitas.

(NB: Para la versión completa de las notas ver la versión inglesa).




I dieci membri della Commissione erano presenti all’Incontro della Commissione Generale per il Laicato Carmelitano che si è tenuto nella Curia Generale a Roma dal 3 al 7 maggio 2004.

P. Josef Jancar ha aperto l’incontro con la preghiera e un minuto di silenzio per ricordare il p. Redento Valabek, O.Carm., e il contributo nella Commissione, per la dedizione di anni ai Laici Carmelitani. Il precedente Priore Generale, P. John Malley, O.Carm., ha ricevuto buona accoglienza nella Commissione.

Dalla verifica del progetto dei sei anni della Commissione si è visto il buon progresso del lavoro svolto. È a buon punto la preparazione per il Congresso Internazionale per i Laici Carmelitani nella Casa Beato Nuno a Fatima, Portogallo, dal 2 al 9 settembre 2006.

Si è discusso sullo scopo di un Congresso: (a) è una opportunità di una esperienza di Famiglia Carmelitana; (b) un’occasione per scambiarsi delle idee; (c) un modo per valorizzare le esperienze di altri Laici Carmelitani nella vita attiva/contemplativa del Carmelo.

Continuano i lavori per il nuovo Rituale dei Laici Carmelitani e si pensa sia pronto per il Congresso Internazionale di Fatima nel 2006.

Il Segretariato Internazionale è in via di stabilirsi nella Curia Generale a Roma. Molte Province hanno risposto al questionario per i dettagli delle Comunità dei Laici carmelitani e altri gruppi laici associati all’Ordine. Queste informazioni saranno raccolte in un fascicolo per un direttorio internazionale del Laicato carmelitano.

(NB: Per la versione completa dei verbali vedi la versione inglese).


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