(Rome, General Curia House, 2 – 6 May 2005)

Present at the fourth meeting of this General Commission for Carmelite Laity were: Fr. Josef Jančář, O.Carm, Fr. John Malley, O.Carm., Fr. Giovanni Grosso, O.Carm., Alfio Parisi. Daniele Pieri, Renée Prieur, Amanda Rodrigues Jordão, Rose Mary Lancellotti, Jaime Lledó Patiño and Anita Renehan.


Fr. Josef Jančář opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the Commission meeting 3-7 May 2004 were approved.

International Lay Carmelite Congress

Casa Beato Nuno at Fatima is not able to accommodate more than 150 in the conference hall. The response to the letter of convocation for the Congress has resulted in 251 people indicating their desire to attend.
Istituto “Il Carmelo” at Sassone is able to accommodate 350 in the conference room. Cost remains much the same as Fatima.
After some discussion, Fr. Josef Jančář therefore booked the Congress at Sassone for 2-9 September 2006.

Guest Speakers for the Congress

● Talk 1: The Values and Fundamentals of living the Carmelite Way - Fr. John Malley.
● Talk 2: Contemplation in John of the Cross – Miguel Norbert Ubarri, T.O.C., Puerto Rico.
● Talk 3: The Challenge of Communication - Sylvia Lucas, T.O.C., British Province.
● Talk 4: How to live the contemplative dimension in everyday life – Giambattista Genovese T.O.C. Italy.
● Talk 5: Service and Communication - Anita Renehan T.O.C. Australia.
● Talk 6: Mary and Elijah – Two Lives Transformed - Fr. Tito Figuireôa, O.Carm, Brazil.
Each talk to conclude with questions to facilitate discussion in small groups.
Each group will be asked to appoint a secretary to take notes and write a summary of the group’s discussion. The summaries from all groups to be given to Anita Renehan to type and collate and present for the overall summary at the concluding session of the Congress.

Other Speakers

Speakers from 8 different countries and cultures to be invited from amongst participants to contribute something of their experience of formation in their province and/or community. Provinces to be represented are: Brazil, Italy, Spain, Africa, Britain, Indonesia, Australia and America.
These eight speakers will be required to speak for a maximum of 15 minutes in two sessions of 4 speakers each session. After a coffee break following each session of talks, the four speakers will form a panel to answer questions raised by participants.
All talks, i.e. the five major talks and the eight x 15 minute talks will be required to be submitted in writing to the Secretariat no later than 31 March 2006 to allow ample time for translations.
All the talks will be prepared in 4 languages and given to the participants at conclusion of the Congress to take home.


Translations at the Congress will be in 4 languages: English, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish

Congress Program

Participants may arrive on the Saturday 2 September and the Congress will commence at 16.30 Sunday.
The Closing of the Congress with Solemn Mass and Final Message will be on the Friday 8 September at 17.30. Participants may depart on Saturday morning. If anyone wishes to stay on for a few days they may do so by contacting Fr. Giandomenico Meloni, O.Carm., at:
Istituto Il Carmelo
Via Doganale, 1
00043 Sassone - Ciampino RM, Italy.
Tel +39.06.796.02.47 / +39.06.796.01.85
Fax +39.06.796.15.15
The Commission members will return to the Curia on the Saturday to meet and discuss the whole Congress.
A visit to St Peter’s Square for the Wednesday Papal Audience was proposed followed by a picnic lunch, perhaps at Gianicolo. Participants may spend the afternoon shopping or sightseeing and meet buses at an appointed place to return to Sassone. This will depend on whether the Holy Father will be present in Rome and if the audience will be held in Rome or at his summer residence, Castel Gandolfo.
An evening of entertainment to be worked out closer to the event. One idea presented was for participants from different countries to present an item reflecting their own culture.
Fr. Giovanni Grosso would like 3 or 4 people, of different languages, to assist him in preparing a final presentation summarizing the Congress. One of these assistants will be Renée Prieur and the other two or three will be chosen from amongst the participants at the Congress.


Different languages will be used for each liturgical celebration, i.e. Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese. Mass will be celebrated each day before supper.

Sharing Lay Carmelite material

Participants will be invited to bring samples of materials used in their Province e.g. formation
program, publicity material, statutes, and anything that may be of interest to other provinces.
Personnel to be appointed by each of the provinces to supervise their own material during the time the material is on display.
Signs to be displayed in the different languages asking people not to remove samples from the room.

New T.O.C. Ritual

Fr. Josef Jančář and Fr. Giovanni Gross will continue meeting to finalise a draft of the new Ritual and send copy to each Commission member for their observations. After this, Fr Josef and Fr Giovanni will write the final version to submit to the General Council and consequently to the Holy See. It would be good to have the new approved Ritual to distribute to the laity during the Congress. But it depends on many circumstances.

Isidore Bakanja Bulletin – CITOC

Attention will be given to the Isidore Bakanja Bulletin during the Congress.
Commission members were reminded of responsibility to gather news items for the bulletin and to encourage other members to submit items to be included in each alternate issue of CITOC, i.e. June and December

International Directory for Lay Carmelites

Information received to date is not adequate to compile a comprehensive international directory. Samples of work on the directory were passed around for Commission members to recognize areas where they may assist in gathering information from their own province. Some provinces have not responded at all to requests for information regarding Lay Carmelites.

Youth in Carmel

Although each member had given thought to this item in the minutes, it was generally believed that as much as possible was already being done by Lay Carmelites to involve youth in Carmelite life.

Next Meeting of Commission members

There will not be a Commission meeting in May 2006.
The meeting closed at 12.30 on Thursday 5 May, 2005.
Members may be invited to meet some days before the Congress, perhaps the last week of August. Fr Josef Jančář will send a letter of convocation.

Papal Audience

On the Wednesday of this Commission meeting, Fr. Josef Jančář escorted the members to the weekly audience of Pope Benedict XVI in St Peter’s Square. It was only the second weekly audience the newly elected Pope had held. After receiving the Holy Father’s blessing, the group then walked to St Albert’s (CISA) to have lunch with the community. That same evening the Commission members enjoyed supper with the community at the Provincial House of the Italian Province, in San Martino.
Details of the Congress i.e. Letter of Convocation and the itemized Program as well as detailed directions for travelling to Istituto “Il Carmelo” at Sassone may be viewed on the Carmelite website: www.carmelites.inf.



Roma, Casa Curia General, 2-6 de mayo de 2005

Estaban presentes todos los miembros de la Comisión. El tema principal fue el del Congreso Internacional para los laicos Carmelitas, del 2 - 9 Septiembre del 2006.
El tema para el Congreso es: Formación y Comunicación al Servicio de la Comunidad.
A causa del gran número de participantes hubo necesidad de cambiar el lugar: por Casa del Beato Nuño en Fátima, el Instituto “Il Carmelo” Sassone, Roma, ya que el primero no podía hospedar tan gran número de personas.
Los conferenciantes fueron confirmados y programa fijado.
El nuevo Ritual Carmelitano para los laicos va adelante y esperamos que un borrador estará disponible para ser distribuido durante el Congreso.
El Directorio Internacional: no tenemos información suficiente de las provincias para hacer un directorio completo. Aunque las informaciones que van llegando de las provincias son insuficientes, esperamos tener un borrador para el Congreso.
La Comisión Internacional para el Laicado Carmelita no celebrará encuentro alguno en mayo del 2006. Los miembros podrán tener un encuentro en Roma cualquier día antes del Congreso.
El Boletín Isidoro Bakanja: Agradecemos una mayor colaboración de las provincias en mandar noticias y fotos para el boletín.
Para la próxima edición, el material deberá llegar antes del 10 de enero de 2006 a:
La Secretaria
Segretaria Internazionale per il Laicato Carmelitano
Curia generalizia dei Carmelitani
Via Giovanni lanza, 138
00184 Roma, Italia.
Email laycarmelites@ocarm.org
Fax (+39) 06 4620 1847
Anita Renehan, T.O.C.
Segretaria Internazionale per il Laicato Carmelitan.

(NB: Para la versión completa de las notas ver la versión inglesa).



Roma, Casa Curia Generalizia, 2-6 maggio 2005

Tutti i membri della Commissione erano presenti. Il tema principale discusso fu quello del Congresso Internazionale per i Carmelitani Laici, 2-9 settembre 2006.
Il tema per il Congresso è : Formazione e Comunicazione al Servizio della Comunità.
A causa del gran numero di partecipanti, abbiamo dovuto cambiare il luogo dalla Casa Beato Nuno Fatima all’Istituto “Il Carmelo” Sassone, Roma, che può ospitare un più gran numero di persone.
I conferenzieri sono stati confermati e il programma fissato.
Il nuovo Rituale Carmelitano per i Laici è in progresso e speriamo che una bozza sarà pronta per distribuzione distribuita durante il Congresso.
Il Direttorio Internazionale: non abbiamo informazioni sufficienti dalle province per fare un direttorio completo. Benché l’informazione che ci è arrivata sia insufficiente per un direttorio completo, speriamo avere una bozza per il Congresso.
La Commissione Internazionale per il Laicato Carmelitano non avrà un incontro in maggio del 2006. I membri potranno avere un incontro a Roma qualche giorno prima del Congresso.
Il Bollettino Isidore Bakanja. Saremo grati per una maggiore collaborazione perché le province mandino notizie e fotografie per il bollettino.
Per la prossima edizione, il materiale dovrebbe arrivare prima del 10 gennaio 2006 a:
La Segretaria,
Segretaria Internazionale per il Laicato Carmelitano,
Curia Generalizia dei Carmelitani,
Via Giovanni Lanza, 138
00184 Roma, Italia.
Email: lay.carmelites@ocarm.org
Fax. (+39) 06 4620 1847
Anita Renehan, T.O.Carm.
Segretaria Internazionale per il Laicato Carmelitano

(NB: Per la versione completa dei verbali vedi la versione inglese).


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